The Harrowing

A rite of passage practised in the village of Grunthal. It is rumoured to be extremely dangerous, and none who endure it will speak of it. The Harrowing marks the passage into adulthood and is undertaken by every young person in Grunthal.

The entire village gathers for a celebratory feast under the eye of the Elder of the village. The candidates are then taken aside and prepared, given supplies and weapons, and sent off into the forest at sunset, the tearful farewells of their families growing distant as Grunthal disappears into the trees.

If successful, the candidates will return to Grunthal the next morning to the grateful welcome of their families and friends. What happens to those who do not succeed? It is uncertain, for few do. It is possible they do not return to the village out of shame. It is equally possible they fall foul of whatever test is at the heart of the Harrowing.

Those who return have proven themselves mature enough to choose their own paths. Many remain in Grunthal, but some choose to begin journeys to other places.

The Harrowing

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